Sunday, June 27, 2010

Keystone Mountain Biking 2010

I had been mtn biking at Steamboat many times and I had always wanted to try out another ski resort to see how it was like. I had heard from some friends of mine that Keystone was a very challenging and fun place to go so one day this summer I decided to grab my hardtail Trek 4500 and go try it out.

My trusty Trek Alpha 4500 from 2002

Dist = 3.5 to 5.5 mi per run
Total elevation = All downhill thanks to the bike lift
Trail type = rocky technical single track with features


Keystone rates thier trails like ski runs: green, blue and black. The green trails are fairly difficult singletrack with plenty of rocky sections. The blue trails have more technical sections that include short drop offs and optional manmade features. The black trails are steep and technical and have rock gardens, mandatory drop offs and impressive features like raised boardwalks and berms. I would highly recomend a downhill bike with downhill gear like a helmet with face shield and some body armor (which I don't have).

Easy section of a green trail

View from the trail

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